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Bulidaburger Conference 6th November 2014 – “Extraordinary Rendition” #bildaburgerconference #bilderberg #bilderberger

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Rather like last year, I have set the bar a little too high with concept vs available time. I am rarely short of ideas but everything takes time and yesterday’s departure was something of a surprise.

Anyway, back to the euphemisms used by the United States government, and the so-called military-industrial complex.

One of my all-time favourites is “extraordinary rendition” which actually means kidnapping, torture and murder, although the “extraordinary” part of it is that it is a term used for political and legal prudence. It is a term used for when the United States captures individuals and takes them to foreign countries where their “enhanced interrogation” is not necessarily illegal in that country, therefore allowing Donald Rumsfeld to claim that it is not torture.

It’s all in the definition and here is a glossary of euphemisms used during the Iraq War. That is, the most recent Iraq War.

My favourite by far is “protective custody” which means, in any other words, imprisonment without charge or evidence.

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Anyway, here is a rendition of meat that I considered to be quite extraordinary, two videos of hot dog eating contests at Guantanamo Bay.