Buildaburger Conference – 2 November 2014 – Sausages for Peace 2014

Sausages for peace.007-001

It’s that time of year again, British Sausage Week. I am sure you all remember how I failed to fulfill last year’s excessively complicated brief where I tried to write a blog post each day using one of the seven deadly sins and also relate them to the movie “Se7en” whilst tying them to a kind of sausage and using each one as an anti-war critique. Remember that?

Well, it was undoubtedly a “brilliant” idea, but I just didn’t have the time to tie up all the loose ends and produce all the amazingly clever insights that I no doubt would have come up with.

Anyway, like whatever. This year I have a more straightforward brief, so stand by for Sausages for Peace 2014. I doubt that Love Pork had this in mind, but I will be posting a series of seven critical and anti-war posts over the coming week.

Stand by…


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