Buildaburger Conference – National Curry Week – Day 7 – 19th October 2014 – Condol-Easy-Cook Rice Like a Sunday Morning


A large vat of curry rice is one of the dishes contract cooks at the Guantanamo Bay Seaside Galley prepares for detainees at the Camp Delta detention center. The detainees’ diet is mostly vegetarian. Joint Task Force 160 Photo by Pfc. Jean-Carl Bertin, USA. (Source

I never understood the idea of easy-cook rice. Rice is easy to cook, but hiding in plain view  using this kind of cognitive deformation is a technique used by propagandists. As Joseph Goebbels said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

In this case, of course, it’s not a lie but a fallacy. According to Tilda’s website: “People often believe that easy cook means that it takes less time to cook when in fact it takes longer than non-easy cook rice. Parboiled rice (otherwise known as easy cook rice) is as it suggests parboiled at source with the husk on, resulting in the grain appearing slightly off white in colour that is until it is cooked when it turns white. This process guarantees separate grains of rice that are fluffy and remains so when holding which is ideal for the foodservice industry.”

Also, Adolph Hitler is attributed with coining the idea of the “Big Lie”, something so grotesquely false that denying a Big Lie seems ridiculous.

By now, you’re probably thinking exactly the same as me. Yes, what about the collapse of Building 7? There is a whole industry dedicated to the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, but for me the irrefutable proof that something very dodgy was going on (other than crashing planes into buildings) is the symmetrical collapse of, not just Building 7, but Towers 1 and 2 also.

It just doesn’t happen. Not even once, never mind three times, but repeating the fact that two aluminium passenger jets completely demolished three steel-framed buildings is a Big Lie.

If we keep repeating the lies about Al Qaeda, ISIL, WMD, Jihadi John, Iraq, Afghanistan etc, then eventually one day we will all believe it.

Rather like cooking rice, the truth will out. I use the classic method of bringing the water to the boil, adding the rice and then turning the heat down to barely simmer, and wait.

Eventually you have is easily-cooked rice, and if you are some Muslim fall-guy, randomly gathered up in some hearts-and-minds black op, the next thing you know is that you are “gaining weight” in Camp Delta.


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