Buildaburger Conference – National Curry Week Day 6 – 18th October 2014 – Sated-Day


“The most radical idea in politics is restraint.” – Richard Bolam

I don’t usually quote myself but this seems appropriate. Pictured here you see today’s lunch, chicken curry with half and half rice and wedges, and very good it was too. However, when I was digging the garden, two and a half hours later, it was repeating on me big time and giving me heartburn. Although it was most satisfying, it was just too much food at lunchtime.

I bet you know exactly what I am going to say next. Yes, it’s just like fracking. Every action has its consequences and it seemed symbolically appropriate that shoving too much of an unknown quantity own a hole came back to haunt me as the earth moved.

I know that’s a bit of a stretch but I’ve come to relish the challenge of relating food to politics, especially as the whole idea of the Buildaburger Conference is based on a single bad pun.

My own political position is a kind of Guardian-reading, middle-class, left-of-centre apologist Monbiotism, but I also hold some views considered so radical that even the most right-on liberals find them unpalatable. One is conventional contracts of employment for politicians so that they can be disciplined or dismissed for gross acts of incompetence, misconduct or negligence (YIKES!). Another is population control (SHRIEK!). Another is a universal reduction in energy consumption (GASP!) and another is a reduction of travel-to-work distances (HORROR!). The last is a reduction in meat consumption (HERESY!).

None of them extreme, but all of them radical.

The idea that the world and the Earth can provide us with the resources necessary for unlimited growth, unlimited consumption and unlimited population is a fallacy, and the politics that supports this fallacy is a complicity of lies.

I had too much to eat and I paid for it. You will too.


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