Buildaburger Conference – National Curry Week – Day 5 – 17th October 2014 – Fish Friday


Special machha bihana jhola. Photo: Sanshlistha m (CC)

How the world has turned. The tradition of eating fish on a Friday was once a religious observance of doing without meat on a day of penance. Unlike we tend to think these days of religious fasting were not necessarily going without food entirely, but doing without certain regular items, in this case it was doing without meat as reminder of the privations of our prophets and saviours.

Wednesday was also a fasting day, and the two days out of seven immediately put me in mind of the current trend in 5:2 diets.

Strange to think how things have changed. These days, most people think of wednesday as “Dip Day” when the weekend’s amphetamine hangover really kicks in, barely ameliorated by a flushing of some money down the toilet on the wednesday National Lottery draw. And who could forget the wednesday Fruit Machine night at Heaven (OMG).

These days, however, Friday is the highlight of the week, an excuse for a large fish and chips, ten pints of Wife-Beater lager and a fight. Now THAT will give you something to repent at leisure. I spent many years living in Rotherham, and there is a country I prefer not to revisit unless necessary.

I remember one night, whilst having a late night curry, where a group of young men at another table were actually asking the staff to make it hotter because last time “it were crap”. You can’t make this shit up, and I didn’t. It really happened.

Anyway, let’s indulge ourselves in the best of both worlds, fish curry. You know it makes sense.


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