Buildaburger Conference 25 March 2014 – risk assessments, emergency call-outs & disaster management

It’s a dangerous world out there, and walking into an unknown situation requires a professional presence of mind that only comes with years of experience, preparation and improvisational skill.

An hour before the event was due to start, I got a call asking me to support the AV at a conference in a familiar venue but with no other information.

If you will indulge me, I have many years of event production and experience with audio-visual equipment. However, on this occasion I was going into a completely unknown situation with a head full of questions.

Are they serving breakfast? Will there be a mid-morning break? If so, will there be pastries or biscuits? What time is lunch and will that just be finger food or a proper meal?

I had had no breakfast when I received the call, so decided to grab something from the cupboard in case there was nothing to scrounge on-site.

Hence the pictured combination, which would not normally constitute my first meal of the day. A banana is a pretty safe bet and a good source of slow release energy as well as high in potassium. But that is not going to last all day. And what about those balti peanuts? It’s a major dilemma, relying so heavily upon an untested spicy snack from Poundland (they cost £1). Could I really survive the privations of a mid-priced hotel for an undisclosed period on these randomly grasped foods?

Regular readers will know that hotel and/or conference food can be both expensive and variable in quality.

Anyway, you might be relieved to know that disaster was averted and this is the lunch I got at the client’s expense. A whole breast of roasted chicken, salmon in a creamy sauce, mushroom risotto and seasonal vegetables.

photo (8)Regular readers will be aware how I favour a hot meal, and for once I had a dessert, although this was a major folly as it prompted and uncontrolled drift into light sleep although at no cost to the delivery of the event.

photo (7)

But what about those balti peanuts? Well, they remain fasciculus intacta, but I am reassured they are low-risk having studied their list of ingredients.

photo (6)All risks assessed, managed and dispatched. Phew!


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