Buildaburger Conference – 11 December 2013 – Sausages for Peace & Gandhi’s Gravy of Truth


I have always been very productive, but even I have slow times. You might have noticed that I didn’t manage to complete the full 7 days of my overly elaborate anti-war “Sausages For Peace” satire for British Sausage Week. A few life issues and work commitments conspired against me and I had to admit defeat, or at least defer victory.

I’m rather pleased with the logo and I might resurrect the idea next year with a bit more preparation. After all, giving peace a chance requires eternal vigilance.

What you see in this picture is Cumberland sausages with mashed potatoes, sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and most important of all, onion gravy.

Please note, this is proper British gravy, not that North American “gravy”. It doesn’t matter if you use the same word, it’s not the same thing. And neither is Bisto.

There is no a single route to proper gravy but my own savoury journey begins with fried onions and garlic, includes the fat and juices from the meat, diluted with boiling water and vegetable stock, a dash of Hendo’s and thickened with cornflour.

Thoughts of gravy naturally lead me to Mohandas K. Gandhi, not exactly my role model, but nevertheless my inspiration. Gandhi coined the Sanskrit word “Satyagraha” which means truth with firmness, and to me it means sticking to your guns, although Gandhi would probably not have liked that turn of phrase. It means standing by what you know to be right and holding out whatever happens.

It seems to me that Western imperialism is symbolised by the bastardisation of true gravy into the rhetoric of sound-alike lubricants and the salty, granulated emulsion that bears the same name.

In India, Gandhi led protests that brought about the end of the British salt monopoly by making his own salt and not paying tax to the British. I urge you to follow his example, shun the the government gravy trains and go DIY.

We all have setbacks, but despite my own failings, I remain true to my convictions. Do not believe the gravy propaganda. Remain firm, remain true, accept no imitations and always insist on proper gravy.


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