Buildaburger Conference 19 August 2013 – Never judge a burrito by its cover


My first burrito experience was in New York in 2007. Whilst I was already familiar with all of its ingredients, I had never tasted them in the now universally familiar floury street food package. In more recent years, I tried Sheffield’s own Street Food Chef’s outside catering wagon at the Tramlines music festival. I opted for the habañero sauce and barely survived to regret it. I am a big fan of Street Food Chef and have partaken of their wares many times since, but that particular seasoning policy was unacceptable to my left-of-centre, but less extreme palate.

There is something quite intriguing about a burrito as a takeaway item, and that is they all look the same. Pictured above is my own attempt, and whilst its structural integrity was nothing compared with those of paid professionals, it still held together and delivered a satisfying and sustaining meal, despite its bland exterior.

I like plenty of spice in my diet and am not averse to certain challenging ingredients if the whole package remains less than punitive. However, I would describe myself as an adventurous liberal, and not a radical gourmet.

Coalition take note. Even the insipid, mechanically-recovered sausage meat that is the apathetic British public might contain a stone, a sharp piece of bone, or a maybe even an uncooked chilli here and there. Not all activists have dungarees and dreads, and not all angry young men are young men.

Like my experience has proved, never judge a burrito by it’s cover because one day, when you bite it, it might bite back.


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