Buildaburger Conference 28th June 2013 – What’s wrong with this picture?


I hardly need tell any British person what’s wrong with this picture. For the Johnny Foreigners amongst you, brown sauce (aka “fruit” sauce) is the de rigeur accompaniment for bacon. This barely forgivable faux-pas was due to m own hunger-induced human error, although that is no excuse. The fact that the applied accompaniment to my bacon, egg and fried tomatoes worked well has nothing to do with it. Go tell the Spartans.

My own strategy for dealing with such situations is come-clean, come-quick and don’t pussy around with any cock-and-bull excuses.

Politicians take note, an error of judgement can be quickly ameliorated with an admission of failure rather than the inevitable indictment following denial, misdirection and humiliation.

Iain Duncan Smith and Grant Schapps would do well to apply themselves a little more to the veracity of their statistical arguments before using them to justify unsupportable, ideologically-inspired and punitive policies, having both been recently rebuked for their willful misinterpretation of publicly available data.

Take a leaf out of my book. As any journalist worth their salt will tell you: before going public, always check your sauces.


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