Buildaburger Conference – 26th June 2013 – George Osborne’s spending review & burger ‘n’ fries


I am almost lost for words pondering the tweeted picture of George Osborne munching on a burger ‘n’ fries whilst “Putting final touches to the speech”. Either it is completely posed or I have to admit to a new respect for our Chancellor of the Exchequer who is, apparently, not too haughty to enjoy a bit of street food.

However, it is clearly snapped by a hand other than the delicate digits, unsullied by physical labour, of the soon-to-be-ex Chancellor despite being tweeted in his name. I am pretty media-savvy and understand that this was shot and tweeted by an unpaid intern, but they clearly need a lesson in photography as well as social media propriety. FYI please do not shoot portrait. Landscape is much more media friendly as it transfers well to the 16:9 format that the whole of the rest of the world is using.

I am no snob, but even I always transfer a takeaway to a ceramic plate whenever possible and eat with a knife and fork. And here is the conceit. I don’t believe the millionaire George Osborne would ever eat like this, even when pushed to an all-nighter of penalising the poor and rewarding the wealthy.

In the week when the British Medical Association has passed a vote of no confidence in the government’s health secretary Jeremy Hunt, it would be a shame to interrupt that popular movement, so I’m calling this the “No Confidence (pay no attention to that Big Kahuna behind the curtain) Burger.


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