Buildaburger Conference – 16th June 2013 – The Morning After the Night Before


I am not afraid of a little saturated fat here and there, and a high-fat, high-protein breakfast is widely recognised as a hangover cure. I like to think of this Sunday morning feast as a symbolic acknowledgement of the realised inevitability of a forthcoming storm.

Whereas Barack Obama has already sanctioned the supply of arms to the Syrian rebel forces in the latest US & British-fueled Middle East conflagration, and David Cameron is preparing to have his own guts sucked out by the same lizards, I see this meal as a representation of the kind of hungover breakfast favoured after a drunken night, including an unwise sexual liaison without contraception.

Those who usually watch their waistlines might think “what-the-hell?” to the high fat content after the weekend has gone to hell anyway, so why not go the whole hog before the escalating conflict and domino-building leads us to the possible unwanted birth of nuclear war? History repeats itself, although we swore never again after the last time.

The two sides of the Atlantic are represented by seeded wholemeal toast, with the British Isles a couple of pork and herb sausages with fried onions and brown sauce, and the US by a deli-inspired omelette, raw tomato and Tabasco sauce. Its open nature symbolises the transparent nature of the imminent folly, and I’m calling this one “The Special Relationship”.


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