Buildaburger Conference – 13th June 2013 – Fully-Loaded Conference Survival Default

Contract worker: “I’d like a bit of each, please”
Waiting staff: “All of them?”
Any regular conference-goer, either delegate or worker, is keenly aware of the importance of the meal times, and the quality of the food can either make of break a successful conference experience.
My personal preference is for a combination of hot food and salad, but only an occasional dessert. As a worker, meal breaks are often short, and I generally go for the single plate approach and make a second pass at the potato wedges whenever possible. However, too much carbohydrate can lead to premature napping in the early afternoon sessions so fruit is often a wise alternative.
Pictured here is what I am calling the “Fully-Loaded Conference Survival Default” after a seven hour stint with nothing to eat except tired clichés, motivational phrases and all the industry-specific jargon you can swallow. All the major food groups are represented, combining recipes from several continents, with healthy sides of rice, coleslaw and red onion. Not so good for the vegetarians, but plenty of protein is advisable for moving flight cases.
This one has no political back-stabbing associated with it, just a weary cynicism having worked on too many conferences and eaten too much bad food for the sake of needing fuel.
I must add that this was particularly good food, and I look forward to the day when I can attend as a delegate and only turn up for the meals.



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